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Small Rain Gardens From Around RI

Image Credit: Kate Venturini, University of Rhode Island

GIC Materials

  1. Bristol Gravel Wet Vegetated Treatment System project fact sheet and Bristol Town Beach Tree Planting fact sheet (PDF)
  2. Certifications for Green Infrastructure Professionals: the Current State Recommended Best Practices, and What Governments Can Do to Help (PDF)
  3. RIPTA Parking Lot Project Fact Sheet (PDF)

Other Resources

  1. Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast (CCRUN) seminars
  2. The Domestic Garden — Its Contribution to Urban Green Infrastructure
  3. Drexel University Greening and Sustainability website
  4. Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island Urban Ponds and Stormwater Information
  5. EPA Greening America’s Capitals Program
  6. The EPA Stormwater Control Operation & Maintenance web pages have ordinance language specific to the maintenance of BMPs
  7. Green Works for Climate Resilience: A Guide to Community Planning for Climate Change (PDF)
  8. The LID Site Planning and Design Guidance for Communities has model ordinances specifically related to stormwater
  9. Municipal and Institutional Stormwater Coordinators
  10. Regional and Municipal Stormwater Management: A Comprehensive Approach (PDF)
  11. The RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual has a wide range of information about designing and installing stormwater management systems
  12. Rhody Native: Retail and Wholesale Sources for Native Plants
  13. RiverSmart Homes: Residential Stormwater Remediation (PDF)
  14. The State Innovation Exchange has sample ordinances, include stormwater management related ordinances
  15. Tools and Resources to Assist in Natural Hazard and Climate Change Planning in Coastal Communities (PDF)

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